The modern age

The modern age

The Art Gallery, as well as being an instrument of knowledge of the works of the past and transmission the Gospel message in the Franciscan charism, also retains the modern works, classifiable in the artistic production of the first ‘900. these works come from private collections and donations. In particular, there are works that come from the collection “Balsamo”, and other already located in the noble palace of the Villa Monica.

The theme of the painting is mostly within the landscape, as befits a collection aimed at pure artistic delight of patrons.

Among the recognizable signatures, citing that of Joseph Casciaro (1861 - 1941), considered one of the greatest Italian pastel artists of the time. this author is noteworthy work in pastel of 50 x 30 cm, depicting a seascape. Its landscapes are the major recurring theme in Casciaro, who on this subject it was very prolific both in naples and in Puglia.

Very interesting appears the autograph dedication the work, which reads: “his friend Antonio Bortone, 15 november 1925”. Always with a dedication to Bortone, he cites another work written by Stanislao Sidoti. born in Lecce May 5, 1837, Stanislaus Sidoti was a man of great culture and deep love their land, transferred, in its evocative power, the paintings made. It was started to realization landscaping Academy of naples, under the direction of Joseph Mancinelli and Domenico Morelli.

Back in Lecce, he dedicated his life to teaching elementary, alternating this activities with painting outdoors. His figure became known in town for their efforts in teaching, becoming the prototype of the teacher par excellence, so much so that the famous “puppeteer” Pippi Rossi personally executed statuette papier-mâché nativity scenes entitled “Professor Sidoti”. Among his works, exhibited in worldwide, we also remember the sketches made in support of the work of Cosimo De Giorgi “the Province of Lecce”. the work kept at the Pinacoteca di Fulgenzio, entitled “Casa Rural” expressed with the evocative power of photography the scene of a sunny Salento countryside, where Rural house white is the background color typical of the Salento countryside, with the pergola, the fruit trees and farms.

The presence of the two settlers depicted as surprised in their activities daily, it makes the whole scene perfectly alive, without exceeding the reproduction romantic an ideal landscape. On the contrary, the work appears as a window on a world that real agricultural, at the time of execution, it was readily identifiable and recognizable. Among the works of local production of the ‘900, other illustrious protagonist is by Francesco Romano Gioia del Colle. He also realizes a distinctly landscape and also complete with a dedication autograph that reads: “Illustrious Bortone respectfully because memories Francesco Romano. Gioia del Colle in March 1921”.

In the first part of his short life, he lived fighting between the desire to appreciate the their art

and a serious illness, Romano had so to perfect his technique landscaping, with the careful and thorough knowledge of the campaign, its rhythms, its colors, this deepening.

It will be the key to its success Roman, much to bring Aristide Sartorio to propose to represent Italy Exhibition Art Berlin International 1914 exposure no longer made for the outbreak of the World War. In the gallery is preserved a sweet landscape Murge tempera.

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The Franciscan Art Gallery "R. Caracciolo" of Lecce, was founded in 1968 by Father Egidio De Tommaso, in order to preserve, enhance and promote the pictorial heritage of the province as lesser of Salento.


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