St. Jerome Giuseppe de Ribera

St. Jerome Giuseppe de Ribera

Coming from the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Soleto, Province of Lecce, the painting of  the St. Jerome, in the 75x65 cm is attributed to Giuseppe de Ribera, also known by the nickname of “Spaniard” because of his native Iberians. Particularly active in naples, it was one of the greatest interpreters of Caravaggio, along with Luca Giordano and Mattia Preti.

the canvas in Fulgenzio resumes perfectly pictorial diagrams of the time: from the background

monochrome dark, the flashes of light theatrical derive the figure of a St. Jerome shirtless, covered on the arm by a cardinal. With his right hand holds a skull, a signification the hermit’s life, during which he produced a translation of the Vulgate, holding in his left hand. According to the technique typical of Caravaggio’s painting, the modeling light comes from the left. And ‘light of grace, light of God that creates out of nothing, and generates plasma.

In that light looks S. Girolamo, in ecstatic attitude, almost as it draws the inspiration of his monumental work. the strong realism of the face, hands, shoulder, make this painting a symbol of Baroque painting neapolitan.

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