Ezechiele Leandro

Ezechiele Leandro

Salento versatile artist, able to productions pictorial, sculptural and poetic, Ezechiele Leandro leave the gallery of Fulgenzio panels depicting the Little Flowers of St. Francis.

His major work, a destination for tourists and enthusiasts, is the “sanctuary of patience” which he himself set at his home in St. Cerario of Lecce.

His art is the daughter of his own experience: illegitimate child with no last name, as an adult he became pastor, laborer, miner, scrap merchant. His vision of life, the dawn of the ‘900, in a period of great change, has led him to produce an art visionary, utopian, and sometimes disturbing, with the exasperated overlapping stones, colored tiles, wood, bone, iron, cloth.

Ezechiele Leandro himself becomes a work of art when he creates his figures, half way between saints and demons, including the artist’s ecstatic vision of the horror and fear of the outside world.

From this great contradiction arises production of Little Flowers of St. Francis, a work of great

suggestive impact both for the subject represented that for the technique.

Like Francis, the art of Leandro enters into the folds of reality and forget it beauty what the world hides. the hall dedicated to Ezechiele Leandro in Fulgenzio is, to date, the only shows the standing artist.

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